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I Killitts-Tuka - Hard

  • 14 December 2016
  • I Killitts-Tuka - Hard
    I Killitts-Tuka - Hard

    There are good days and bad days and today was just one of those days. Meet Ladyboy Pussy TS Tuka. Tuka is a tall slider ladyboy with a fresh new pussy. She is absolutely one of the most stunning ladyboys weve met. The problem is that today I think maybe shes bit off a bit more than she could handle. Tuka meet Mr Monster Cock himself Ramon. Once Tuka laid eyes on the monster lets just say this day took a slight turn. You win some and you loose some. Enjoy.

    Runtime : 17min 40s
    File Size : 340 MB
    Resolution : 1280x720

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